Home of the hunks and babes that will keep Australia talking… Welcome to what all the fuss is about; welcome to The Shire.
The wait is over, the show that has been on everyone’s lips is finally here. Premiering on Monday 16 July at 8pm on TEN, The Shire follows the lives and loves of a group of young Aussies guaranteed to be turning Australia’s head with their lust for life.

From smokin’ hot surfers to vivacious models, singles who just wanna have fun to couples who just want to settle down, every Monday at 8pm these colourful characters will be the can’t-miss fixtures on your TV schedule.

Real people, real lives, real stories… On 16 July at 8pm, make your date with the series that’s ready to prove that truth is far more addictive than fiction.

The Shire Insider

G’day champs!

I hope everyone’s amped for the first episode of The Shire. I’ve been laying low in Bundo, keeping two ears to the ground so I can bring you the latest gossip from God’s country.

If you’re wondering who’s hooking up with who, or who’s got their back up, I’ll be reporting in weekly with the what’s what of all things Shire.

One thing I won’t be giving away though is who I am…

Move over Mitch and Gab… looks like there’s a new hot couple in town!

After a few throwaway lines and awkward giggles at speed dating, both Andy and Tegan ticked yes on their score cards to see each other again.

The real highlight of the five-minute date was when Andy blurted out that he’s a professional bullfighter; Teegs matching his wits by explaining the ins and outs of being a professional slippery slider.

There aren’t many places where everyone’s happy all the time.” (Michael)
Since relocating from Campbelltown to the Shire two years ago, the 25-year old bricklayer has never looked back. Loving the friendly, inclusive vibe he says is always on display, to Michael the Shire represents a drama-free slice of laidback living “where you can be yourself and everyone has to like it”.

“Everything you need is right there.” (Megan) 
Family and friends, beaches and clubs – since you’ve got it all on your doorstep, “you don’t really leave the Shire if you live in the Shire”, says 22-year-old lingerie waitress Megan. Though not always a fan of everybody knowing everybody else’s business, this Shire-born-and-raised ‘Blonde Bombshell’ wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“Aesthetically, it’s very beautiful.” (Kerry) 
With magnificent vistas like Sydney’s longest stretch of sand – Cronulla Beach – to soak up, 26-year-old Beach Burrito manager Kerry thinks the Shire has plenty to flaunt in the looks department. And with the “tight knit family community” it offers, there’s no shortage of heart to back that beauty up.

“Friendly people, beautiful atmosphere.” (Nikee) 
Another resident who finds the Shire’s community spirit simply irresistible is 20-year-old glamour model Nikee. It’s just one of the reasons why she sees the Shire as the perfect place to settle down – should her boyfriend Michael ask the question she’s desperate to hear him pop.

“Sunny, friendly and active would sum up the Shire.” (Gabrielle) 
With so many things to do and people to see, Gabrielle loves that there’s never a dull moment in the Shire. Surrounded by positive peeps, this 20-year-old sales assistant likes knowing that “you can go out by yourself on a night out and quickly have a large group of friends wherever you’re going”.

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